November 2nd 2008

Anil Kumble retires from test cricket

Well- after 18 valient years in cricket- Anil Kumble announced his retirement today. Hats off to a great cricketer! He will go down in history as the third highest wicket time till date, and the only bowler after Jim Laker to take all the 10 wickets in an innings. It is indeed good to see that all the cricketing role models have started to step and retire at right time unlike our heroes from the past. First it was Saurav, and now Anil. This is a much more dignified way of retiring than to keep on playing till your contribution almost becomes zero, and you start to drag the entire team down because of poor performance.

I just hope this gives way to young talent who are eager to earn spot in the team, and perform.

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July 21st 2008

India-Srilaka tour

I bet all the big shots in the team (including Ganguly who seems to really wish he was still India captain) are going to be big disappointment (Other than Tendulkar may be)… why don’t sportsman in India realize when its time to step down? They keep on playing till they can no longer perform, and in doing so they not only keep the young talent away from cricket team, but also make India loose.  I bet it is going to be a very close series. I hope India wins…

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