August 12th 2008

India’s Bindra wins first ever individual gold medal in Olympics.

India’s Bindra wins first ever individual gold medal in Olympics.

Congratulations! India is at least showing up in medals table now!!

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July 31st 2008

Taco Bell Coming to India

For those of you who have not heard of Taco Bell- its one of the major chain serving Mexican food in US…. Perhaps next big to McDonalds and Burger King. Not that the food is great, but it also has all the ingrediants of ‘fatty’ food that American corporations like to promote.

So it is not surprising that they want to capture INdia as next large market. I read in in Hindu that YUM (TH company that owns the Taco Bell brand) is planning on opening stores in India in next 18 months.

I am not sure if Indians will appreciate Mexican food in India. Authentic Mexican food does have a good bit of spices in it, but Taco Bell has made it dilute for American taste. I hope YUM will make it spicy enough for Indian tongue!!

become future superpower!!

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July 26th 2008

India loses first test to Srilanka

Just as I was predicting- all the super stars have proved to be dud one more time, and India has suffered a massive loss……I hope we don\’t loose second test equally badly. Part of the problem is there is no motivation for these ’stars’ to keep on playing either. They know they’ll be called ’stars’ and they know they may not make it to one day or 20/20 team, and they know they’ll get paid no matter…. so why bother sweating when you can watch match from a comfortable chair?

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July 21st 2008

India-Srilaka tour

I bet all the big shots in the team (including Ganguly who seems to really wish he was still India captain) are going to be big disappointment (Other than Tendulkar may be)… why don’t sportsman in India realize when its time to step down? They keep on playing till they can no longer perform, and in doing so they not only keep the young talent away from cricket team, but also make India loose.  I bet it is going to be a very close series. I hope India wins…

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July 15th 2008

India in Olympics

Ever wondered how India is going to fare in this Olympics? I’d be impressed if they come back with even a single metal…. our shooting star is already out of competition, we never made it in hockey, and I don’t really have hope for Tennis.

What I find interesting is our best athlete performance is nowhere close to world record. So, then why do we bother spending people to Olypics? Why can’t a country of billion people not produce enough atheletes to compete?


Take a look at China. They did not do so well in sports just over a decade ago. Then their government woke up and opened all these academies where they train athletes. Why can’t we do the same? It doesn’t cost much to open a school with good facilities, and talent certainly is not an issue in India.

After having ruled for centuries by mughals and british, we somehow lost the desire to win, and are content with what we have. This has got to change if India wants to become future superpower!!

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